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I love this picture so much

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Cameron Russell fronts Vogue Paris for April 2014, ph. by Mario Testino.


Doyers Street, Chinatown, NYC

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Our new apartment is the shizzz 🌞 (at The Courtney At Bay Pines)


@kolbycrider 💋💋💋#cridershoneymoon it’s 10pm in Times Square and we’re drunk. Also we totally lost the lottery at The Book of Mormon show tonight so we rAn our tabs to $170. #whAtarewetherichescoupleyouwvermet?

Word @kolbycrider #cridershoneymoon (at Majestic Theatre)

#lecirque! We paid $50 for a house cab and a Bombay dirty martini #wtf @kolbycrider (at Midtown East)

#lecirque  #wtf  

TPA ✈️ NY #cridershoneymoon